Kettler Weatherproof / Outdoor Foosball Table


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Foosball Foosball Tables Outdoor Foosball Tables Outdoor Tables
  • Absolutely weatherproof indoor/outdoor table
  • Leg levelers on each leg
  • Side and Corner Rails to keep ball in play
  • High speed glass playing field
  • Integrated ball drop
  • High quality laminates & weatherproof resin for cabinet construction
  • High stress resistance steel telescopic rods with anti-rust chromium plating
  • Unbreakable players molded on the rods
  • Nylon bushings for smooth high speed action and reduced wear and tear
  • A ball pocket behind each goal allows easy ball retrieval
  • Resin score counters with blue/grey cubes
  • Cover and five balls included


setup length / width / height:  58 x 46 x 35 inches

weight:  132 lbs

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