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“Phazer” Air Hockey Table


SKU: 13-006

“Phazer” Full-Length Interactive Rail Lighting 7.5′ Air Hockey Table.

At 90″ and with extra deep black side aprons, the Phazer is a menacing sight.  The angled legs give the table a wide base for stability.  And we’ve included one of our coolest features – interactive rail lighting.  Running the full length of the table these rail lights flash with each score and changes colors, from red, blue or white to indicate who’s in the lead.  A side-mount scorer and infrared goal slots finish off the hi-tech electronics on this table.  To get the biggest play surface, we decided to go “old school” with square corners – harder to make but much more fun to play. 

  • table dimensions: 90″ x 48″
  • play surface dimensions:  81-1/2″ x 39-1/2″
  • full length interactive rail lighting
  • 12″ apron depth

Interactive lighting:

Red, white and blue trailing lights bring the table to life.  When the game is “on” these lights track the score, remaining white as long as the score remains even.

If the red team takes a lead, the LEDs flash red and stay red indicating who is in the lead.  If the blue team strikes back with a goal, the LEDs flash blue and then return to white signaling the score is even again.  If the blue team takes the led, the blue LEDs flash and remain on until the score changes.