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Find a foosball table that will fit into any budget or application. Whether you are looking for a basic table just for the parties on the weekends or a professional foosball table to make a little extra money, we have a great selection of home models and coin-op in a variety of styles……… tournament, sturdy or that elegant furniture style that any wife would approve of. 

See our Foosball Table Buying Guide below for more information.


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Foosball Table Buying Guide

No game room is complete without a foosball table, however the large number of options can make it hard to choose which table is right for you.  This helpful guide should help you gain a better understanding of your different options, so you can choose the perfect one for your needs.

First off, you should decide if you want a professional foosball table, or a home model.  Professional models typically include many of the features desired by more experiences players, such as counterweighted men.  While most professional models are built to the highest quality, many home models are just as durable and fun to play with.  Some professional models are coin operated, enabling businesses to earn additional income.

How Many Goalies?
A 3 man goalie system has 2 side defenders mounted on the same rod as the goalie.  While the majority of American made foosball tables now use a 3 man goalie system, in the past it was much more common to see a 1 man goalie system, which is still the current standard in Europe.  The 1 man goalie system is much more challenging, so it is recommended that beginners start with a 3 man system.  Fortunately, most of the 3 man goalie tables on the site can be converted to a 1 man system.  Give us a call if you have any questions.

Table Levelers
An uneven foosball table is an unfair one.  High quality foosball tables include a leveling system, allowing you to easily and quickly level the table for fair play.  The method of leveling varies from table to table – the most common is a threaded screw type that you twist up or down to raise or lower that corner of the table.  Other tables use telescoping devices or even blocks of wood to level the table.  If your house is particularly uneven – be sure to get a table with a good leveling system.

Counterweighted Men
Also known as counterbalanced men – when released, they stay in place rather than returning to a vertical position.  This keeps them out of your way, so your own men don’t block your shots.  While this allows for a better playing experience for the experienced player, it really isn’t neeeded for the average home player or beginner.

Foosball Table Materials

If you have any questions or need help choosing the right foosball table for your needs, please call us and we will be happy to help!