Deutscher Meister Flat Black 1 pc Bearing


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Deutscher Meister Foosball Foosball Replacement Parts

Specially made for strength and durability.  Fits a 5/8″ size rod.

  • 1-pc bearing
  • Diameter of outside lip: 2″
  • Diameter of hole (where the rod goes):  5/8″
  • Distance between screw holes:  1″  (this means you must have at least this distance in order to have something to attach the bearing)
  • Depth of bearing (what goes in the sidewall):  5/16″
  • sold individually – picture shows top side / under side
  • attaches with 3 screws (sold separately)

Since these are designed to attach to the sidewall of your cabinet, you can either use one for a very thin sidewall and pair it with the metal face place OR use 2 (one inside and one outside) for a more finished look.

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